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We are proud to be apart of spreading the wealth of knowledge of our marine environment shared with us by other fellow operators around Perhentian to divers or non-divers. We hope that these small steps we take, will have a positive impact to our island.

A project dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles around the coast of the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia by monitoring the populations via photographic identification (photo ID).

The Perhentian Turtle Project (PTP) was officially established in 2015 as a sea turtle research and conservation initiative under Fuze Ecoteer Outdoor Adventures Sdn. Bhd. in the Perhentian Islands Marine Park. They work in close collaboration with the local community, stakeholders, Department of Fisheries (DOF) and Marine Parks Division. Their work includes kayak surveys, nightly beach patrols, sea turtle stranding responds, and awareness campaigns.

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Join us for Turtle Awareness Talk conducted every alternate Fridays at our dive center or ask our crew for more details on other tentative schedule for an awareness talk during your stay.
Its a great way to learn about sea turtles and know how you could be a part of protecting our them not only in Perhentian but internationally as well.

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Due to environmental changes and human impact, Coral reefs have been greatly affected.

Coral reefs are the most biodiverse environment on Earth, occupying only 0.15% of the ocean but support 25% of all marine species.

We have lost about 50% of all the Earth’s corals and they continue to die at more than 1% per year. Coral reefs are now the most threatened environment on our planet.

Corals are broken by people, illegal fishing gear, and severe monsoon weather. These broken Coral fragments have little chance of survival and are collected by Alunan staff and Universal Divers.


In May 2018, the Alunan Coral Project was born. With the initiative and drive of Alunan Boutique Resort, Corals are given a new lease of life.


Broken Coral fragments were attached to a special chemical formulation that enhances growth and recovery.

Fragments are relocated to Alunan’s unique Coral Nursery by guests with the guidance of our in-house marine biologist and our dive crew.

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Do you know what's a Coral? Is it a plant? Animal? Rock?

Want to help rescue our Coral Reef?

Get in touch with our dive center or ask our crew for more details on how you could plant a Coral in Alunan's Coral Nursery on your holiday.

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